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Benefits of Using American Sign Language in Early Childhood

As children grow and develop, they begin to learn language and communication

skills. Most often, young children learn language before they learn how to talk. This can lead to complications when they begin to discover their wants and needs, but are unable to communicate them to you. Teaching sign language to your toddler can be a fantastic tool for early communication. It has countless benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

Utilizing signs when conversing with your child establishes early communication

development. Infants and toddlers develop language comprehension skills before they learn how to talk and form words themselves. Utilizing a language other than spoken English, such as American Sign Language, can drastically improve development in many ways. It allows your child to tell you what they are trying to say, without saying it with talking words. They can show you with their hands, and begin to grasp the concept of conversation.

Here are some great signs you can use with your infant or toddler:

  • “More”

  • “All done”

  • “Please”

  • “Thank you”

  • “Help”

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